Read and output numerical data from multi-column asci files

is designed as a general-purpose MAX/MSP tool for the production of data sonifications and other applications in which reading multi-column spreadsheet data is necessary.

The datareader object allows users to read and output each column of a multi-column asci file (up to 64 columns) through a separate outlet. Each line can be output sequentially, forward or backward, or by indicating a specific line number. The object also includes simple interpolation and smoothing between lines.

requirements: macintosh OSX version tested on Max/MSP 4.2 and 4.5, windows version tested on Max/MSP 4.3.1

created by: Andrea Polli and Kurt Ralske
programmed by: Kurt Ralske
windows version thanks to: David Payling

datareader_intel datareader_intel[OSX].sit
new version for intel-based macs and MAX/MSP 4.6 includes object, sample data files and help file

macintosh stuffed archive including datareader object, source code, sample data files and MAX/MSP help file

windows version of the object, tested on Max/MSP 4.3.1

pdf documentation

c++ source code (for macintosh version)

view the kinds of files that can be read by datareader:

four-column sample asci txt data file

nine-column sample with header text

data file with numeric and non-numeric columns