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While setting up this exhibition, Ryan and I had the opportunity to meet Italian Weatherman Lucas Mercalli and visit the Moncalieri Observatory with him. Dr. Mercalli directs the observatory and is the President and Editor in Chief of the Società Meteorologica Italiana publication Nimbus.
The Moncalieri site serves as both a museum of ancient meteorological instrumentation [...]

The same day we met with Ravi Agarwal, we were able to get an appointment with Dr. Ajit Tyagi, Director of the Indian Meteorological Department.
Listen to Dr. Tyagi talk about the history and future of weather observation in India:

We recently installed a permanent station at the Khoj International Art Center in Khiri Village, New Delhi India. While there, I had the good fortune to speak with Ravi Agarwal, a prominent artist and founder of the NGO Toxics Link.
Listen to Mr. Agarwal discuss some of the challenges and opportunities for art and the [...]

On August 2nd, we held a workshop at the Spring Preserve in Las Vegas Nevada. We asked participants to write and talk about their weather experiences and hopes and fears for the future. Here are some of the responses:
50 years ago when we came to Las Vegas we had a definite weather change [...]

While installing a temporary station near Death Valley this summer, we met with Dr. David Dubois, air quality expert at the Desert Research Institute in Las Vegas.
Listen to Dr. Dubois discuss some of the important air issues in the great basin:

What has been your most extreme weather experience?

Describe it here.

We asked people from all over the world to tell their climate change story at the Luminous Green workshop. Listen and tell your climate change story here.
Singaporean Yeow Ching Shiang explains why ‘Christmas every day’ is not as good as it sounds

Dr. Lanfranco Aceti discusses desertification in Italy and the influence of the US [...]