New! Recent sonifications of wind data.
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Quicktime video of the opening reception and research for the Engine27 spatialized sound project, 2003 NY NY (14MB)

Quicktime performance excerpt from InterMedia, November 2002 Cincinnati, OH (2MB)

Atmospherics/Weather Works is a performance, installation, and distributed software project for the sonification of storms (cyclones, for example) and other meteorological events generated directly from data produced by a highly detailed and physically accurate simulation of the weather.

Andrea Polli, Lead Artist, Associate Professor Film and Media, Hunter College NY

Glenn Van Knowe, Lead Scientist Senior Research Scientist, MESO, NY
Chuck Varga, Special Effects Designer, Jauchem and Meeh, NY

1. Live performance of compositions based on various datasets.

2. Studio recordings of compositions on CD, MP3, and 5.1 surround sound
3. Installation allowing users to select various datasets and sound sources
4. Open source software allowing users to select various datasets and sound sources and to add their own data and sounds

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