Andrea Polli

Professor, Mesa Del Sol Endowed Chair of Digital Media and
Director of the Social Media Workgroup (SMW)
at the University of New Mexico

February-March, 2016

EXHIBITION: Ground Truth in Grounded Visions: Artistic Research into Environmental Issues at the Department of Environmental Systems ETH, Zurich Switzerland

March 4-April 23, 2016

PUBLIC WORK: Particle Falls in coordination with the exhibition Keeping Watch on Air, Clean Air Carolina UNC Charlotte North Carolina

April 4-8, 2016

PRESENTATION: The 68th Annual Conference on World Affairs (CWA), The University of Colorado, Boulder CO

March 13-July 24, 2016

EXHIBITION and PRESENTATION: Beyond 2, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara CA




 on Gruenrekorder

"Sonic Antarctica is like no other release I have ever heard: it comes across like a documentary film without the visuals. Confused? So was I at first, but as it washed over me I fell in love with it." Henry Lauer

Sonic Antarctica is a series of natural and technological sound recordings and sonifications made by artists, scientists and sound enthusiasts who have lived in Antarctica.

"Andrea Polli goes far beyond: her tracks are not only field recordings of natural areas, but also sonifications of scientific data, extrapolated from weather station reports. These tracks are assemblies that include interviews with those involved (basically climatologists). The work gives space to purely aesthetic notions and to environmental concerns. Polli alludes to the radio-broadcast format but develops a new audio-based art with a genuinely scientific basis and an aesthetically dense style."
-Aurelio Cianciotta,


"The Queensboro Bridge is a beautiful artifact of the industrial age and this project represents the transition that can and must be made from the industrial age, dependent on fossil fuels, to an industrial era that lives off of solar income...wind is solar energy too, and all sustainability is about getting the income to expense ratio on solar income to something that can be sustained by living systems." Paul Hawken, author of Natural Capitalism

The Queens Council on the Arts awarded Polli an Individual Artist Support grant, funded by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs Greater New York Arts Development Fund, for a public installation/screening of this work and related projects.

EXHIBITIONS: The Queensbridge Wind Power Project has been presented in a solo exhibition on public art at Contemporary and Classic Navy Pier Art Expo, Chicago and in The SIGGRAPH 2006 Art Gallery: Intersections, Boston among other venues.

More information on the project available at


"ONE PULLS ONESELF AWAY only with a strenuous effort of will. The sounds inveigle their way into one’s ears, slowly, subtly, insidiously inducing a sense of muted and desperate panic. When one draws away, one cannot help but blink, dazed; one feels something unenviable on the spectrum between that feeling of being released into daylight after a long captivity in darkness and the feeling that the daylight is itself merely another form of captivity, an equally distressing and unarming tool for jarring the soul." -From a reaction to Atmospherics/Weather works by Michael ‘Six’ Silberman on

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