Arts/Arth 389/429/529 & UHON: International Art Practicum: ISEA2012: Machine Wilderness

Thursdays and Fridays 12:30-4 PM and arranged

The University of New Mexico

Fall 2012

Instructor: Andrea Polli,


Through this practicum course, students will participate in and engage with the 18th International Symposium for the Electronic Arts [ISEA2012]: Machine Wilderness []. This symposium will bring over 500 local, national and international professional artists to exhibit and present their work. This course is taught by the symposium's Artistic Director, and students will have the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge directly from the symposium organizers and artists, participate in workshops and conference sessions, and respond to the contemporary trends represented in the symposium through writing, media and other art production. In addition to scheduled class times, students will be required to attend the symposium on Thursday, September 20, Friday, September 21st, Saturday September 22 and Sunday, September 23.





Students should finish the course with a working knowledge of the workings of an international art symposium.


Grading Policy: Student's grades will depend on the TIMELY completion of all assignments, final project, attendance and participation. If a student has any emergencies or difficulties in completing an assignment, THEY SHOULD CONTACT ME AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. My e-mail is no excuses.



Attendance and participation (inc. field trips) 10%

Interview 10%
Design, writing, reporting and research 20%

Total 40%


Final research creative project 10%
Projects in process presentation 10%

Total 20%


Final reearch paper outline10%

Final research paper draft  10%

Final research paper (approx 1500 words with references) 10%

Total 30%


Attendance: The weekly class time will serve as an official time for students to meet. Class time will be used for field trips, presentations, discussion, consultation, problem solving and project development. Students are expected to be punctual, and to attend all classes unless informed otherwise by the professor. If a student is too ill to come to class, or has an emergency conflict, he or she must notify and speak with the professor. If a student misses a scheduled meeting, it is the student's responsibility to make up any work missed. More than two absences will result in an 'F' (failure). Lectures and discussions will be held at the beginning of class so you must be punctual. Two late arrivals equal one absence! The student will be in regular contact with the professor throughout the process. All due dates are final; no late work will be accepted. Part of your final grade will be determined by class attendance.


Make-ups: If a student finds they will not be able to hand in a project on the scheduled day, it is the student's responsibility to notify me prior to that day. Under no circumstances will I accept the work if I have not been notified and arrangements made prior to that day.


Participation: Lecture must be interactive. To this end, I encourage an open atmosphere where back-and-forth communication is the norm. Students are free to speak up when they need clarification or wish to make observations. Always let me know if you are having difficulties mastering a technique presented in class and I will help you. Plus, you will be expected to work several hours outside of class time each week. You will not be able to finish your assignments during class!


Homework: Since the nature of this class demands that assignments vary between students, students will be responsible for the specific requirements of their project and will be expected to complete necessary content gathering and formatting and design. Unfinished final projects will NOT be accepted. ALL work will be expected to be formatted as appropriate including online work.



ISEA2012 Catalog
ISEA2012 website -


Online Resources

Temporary Art Review

ISEA-web -


Course Outline:  This syllabus is subject to change!! Please feel that you have a say in the tempo and the extent to which material is covered.


August 23

Introduction, course outline and schedule



Select an artist from the symposium and create a short (5-10 minute) visual and aural presentation of his/her work and background to be presented August 30th



ISEA2012 website and catalog


August 24

Discuss reading, questions about project due next week
Visit to 516ARTS to meet symposium and exhibition organizers


August 30 
Artist presentations and discussion



Temporary Art Review


August 31

Discuss reading
Visit to Albuquerque Museum to meet exhibition organizers


September 6

Brainstorm plan for symposium participation

Possible ideas:

September 7

Finalize symposium participation plan and work on designs

Interviewing/recording workshop

Discuss and contact interview subjects


September 13

Design work on symposium participation



Complete interview with artist and/or ornganizer and transcribe. Transcripts due September 27th (2 weeks)


September 14

Continue design work

Confirm schedules and tasks for symposium


Optional trip to El Paso September 15th-16th


September 20, 21, 22 and 23rd



September 27
Transcribed interviews due

Final paper outlines due
Final project idea presentations
Trip to Taos?

October 4th and 5th

No class meeting, individual meetings as needed and independent work on finals

October 11th

Final paper drafts due and reviewed
Final projects work in progress presentations


October 12th

Final project presentations and papers due